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Codeus In Cameroon UNESCO workshop

Alyona Datsenko - Volodina

28 jul 2023

Codeus Unesco-IBE workshop

From the 10 to the 14th of  July, the team of CODEUS, represented by its general manager, Alyona Datsenko - Volodina and Director of EducationTony Brandenburg, participated in a workshop hosted by UNESCO-IBE for the development of a methodological guide on Sciences and Technologies awareness in the curricula of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

The workshop took place in Yaounde in Cameroon, bringing together representatives from the Ministries of Education in Chad, Cote D'Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the African Union and UNICEF.  CODEUS was honoured to have two speaking spots and the opportunity to participate in workshops, meetings, and conference activities.


The workshops consisted of four days of great presentations by various education experts, discussions around the methodology of teaching and the resources required for encouraging children’s interest in sciences and technologies.


The four days continually focused on the Early Childhood Teacher and specifically science and technology content areas.


In their presentations, the CODEUS team focused on the methodology of teaching and the profile of an early childhood teacher.  A key message was that no matter how well the classroom is equipped, the human factor and the skills of the teacher working in the classroom will significantly affect the quality of learning and, consequently, the learning outcomes.


The CODEUS team also presented their data from a project in Ghana on integrating ICT in early childhood education and strengthening the capacity of teachers, focused on play-based teaching. The participants warmly welcomed the examples and successes.

Ms Datsenko-Volodina assured all conference attendees that the CODEUS staff would continue to support UNESCO initiatives in Early Childhood Education and Capacity Building. 

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